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Desperately Seeking IBM’s Eugen Buhler and Chris Berry

Desperately Seeking IBM’s Eugen Buhler and Chris Berry

In 1946, two engineers at IBM – Eugen Buhler and Christopher A. Berry – filed a patent entitled “Machine Adapted for Typing Chinese Ideographs.” This machine was based upon the design of a Chinese inventor, Gao Zhongqin, who worked closely with IBM for the greater part of the 1940s. Whereas I’ve found an abundance of materials on Gao, I have found scarcely anything (except other patents and typewritten memos) about or by E. Buhler or C. Berry. And so here I’m sending out a “message in a bottle,” hoping it will wind up on the shores of individuals who once worked at IBM, and perhaps met or knew one or both of these men; or, even more of a dream-come-true, relatives and family members of the Buhler or Berry lines. One of the joys of this project has been meeting avid family historians connected to many of the individuals in my book, and listening to reflections told from the perspective of grandchildren, daughters, daughters, nephews and nieces.

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