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Fall Course: Race and Ethnicity in East Asia

Fall Course: Race and Ethnicity in East Asia

This course is an intensive introduction to major issues in the history of race and ethnicity in China, Japan, and Korea from the late imperial/early modern period to the present day. The class approaches race and ethnicity from an historical perspective, investigating not only the shifting patterns of group formation, ethnoracial relations, and ethnopolitics, but also shifting concepts of identity, belonging, and exclusion. In other words, terms such as “race” and “ethnicity” will not be treated as a priori concepts that stand above history or before analysis, but will be considered as historically specific configurations that emerge, morph and, most importantly, have the capacity to transform reality. The course will investigate issues of ethnicity and race from multiple perspectives, from the local and regional, to the national and global. Furthermore, we will pay attention to the ways in which discourses of race and ethnicity circulated regionally between the countries of East Asia, and globally between East Asia and the Euro-American world (in both directions).


(HIST 295F | HIST 395F | ASNAMST 295F) 
Professor Thomas S. Mullaney
Fall 2011
Tuesday 2:15-4:05 
Building 110 Classroom 114
GER: DB-SocSci


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